I was born in late 1980’s, I did not see riots around me when i grew up, I did not see my father panic when he read news about wars in Kashmir or terrorist attacks in Mumbai, he went grim thinking about people but never did i see him panic for our safety and well being. I never dwelled about it anyways, cause I did not think it was important to me.

Post a satisfactory level of education, when I started working, 15 Aug always became one day when I saw big sales coming up, one holiday that I would unwind on. And lottery won, if it was friday or Monday, because that would mean a long weekend to travel and enjoy with friends and family.

I occasionally still read news about the wars and sacrifices made by Armed forces at borders, I also read a lot of other gossip about these men, trying to keep the civilians safe and yet I ignored it, because it was not important to me. I work for 45-50 hours a week, I am stressed by end of the week and I need to spend time with family/friends over the weekend to feel calm and happy. Never did I think that these men at borders work without taking a leave, visiting their loved ones twice a year only for 15 days each.

Recently on Facebook, I read a letter written by One Army Major to all Soldiers deployed in Kashmir, “” and it triggered a thought process in me. Then i went to the FB page of Army, googled a bit more about army life and tried digging around a bit. My friends, I don’t know what their personal lifestyle choices are, I don’t know what they are like when not working but I did understand this much that they are doing their job for a purpose more than mere money or job security.

I can not fill in their shoe or think like them but my question is what gives us a right to judge their private lives when we ourselves have a lot messed up in our own??

I went through TIMES OF INDIA, THE HINDU, DECCAN HERALD, PRAJA VANI since a week on daily basis to only find a lot of private companies giving one page/two page advertisements about their BIG I-DAY SALE, about travel companies offering 20-30 % off for the big upcoming weekend travel – 13 AUg to 15 Aug 2016. I thought to myself, Yes…I was born free, yes my father did not worry about our life because he knew someone was putting their life at risk to save us (and mind it, most will never acknowledge it). I and many like me go about cribbing of our problems in daily life, our love failures and the way our life sucks but do we thank the Nation for equally caring for all of us at certain levels without filtering us on basis of our riches/religion or anything else. I mean, C’mon most of us visit our Deities/Gods once in few months to show gratitude, but do we do it towards our Nation?

There are problems, there are misconducts, there are errors in system but there is goodness still. If I can not be thankful for what is gifted to me without any expectations, how will I learn to correct things?

So, my dear friends, show Gratitude for what has come to us in silver platter without working hard for it or without even having to earn it.

I take this opportunity to thank each of ARMED FORCES and each Soldier/Office whose watchfulness keeps me safe at nights. When all fail, its army that pitches in!! Also I apologise for not being greatful for so many years to go by.











Author: choicesofsunshine

I read, travel and am a sports person. I want to look at the world without judgement, without prejudice and learn

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